Major Mac Problems

Jul 12, 2012
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I have been progressively experience problems with my Mac since I installed the latest automatic update on 9th July to the point where it's barely useable. It is now very slow ( I have only filed 1/2 the memory capaticy) especially using safari and loading internet pages, freezing, not reading anything used in the external ports like USB of headphones, can't adjust the sound volume it's locked on mute in the sound settings, can't play any video files or audio files in iTunes, Quicktime, or online (Youtube etc) the play head doesn't move when you click play, programmes crashing and not really sure how to fix it.

Can't use Time Machine to resovle so really need some help and advice on what to do to fix. I've used ccleaner but it's still the same.

Installed software on the 9th July:
Camera Digital Raw... 13.4
Pro Applicator 1.0

Specs:OS X 10.7.4
iMac 3.1 Ghz Intel Core i5

I've only started using Macs since December so would apprecaite some thoughts and feedback on the issues I've been having as it's all new to me. All fine up till now so my thinking is they are connected routing back to the same issue.

Please help....


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