Sep 17, 2014
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I was not sure exactly where to post this, although it seems like OS updates are necessary to fix it. So, that is why I chose this forum.

In any event, it looks like there is a bad virus going around that can be exploited using Wi-Fi. It’s called the “KRACK” virus, and this article discusses it in some detail:

So far, Apple has not “patched” any of the versions of the Mac OS, except for some betas. I believe my in home Wi-Fi network is OK, but just in case, I clicked on that “HTTPS Everywhere browser plug-in” link contained in the “How to protect yourself from KRACK’s Wi-Fi flaw” part of that article, and I added the extension to both Google Chrome and Opera on both of my Macs. Also, I occasionally use Opera, and it has a "built-in" VPN. But I have no idea how effective it is compared to signing up (and thus paying) for VPN.

Additionally, here is another useful article about this:

Near the end, it says to look out for firmware updates for any devices they use. I have already done that for the Telephony modem and router I use for my "wired", ie, ethernet, connection via my Mac Mini. There were (so far) no updates available.


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