Help advice: Keep new 2016 MBP or buy friends 2013 MBP

May 3, 2017
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Hi! Ive been a member for a few minutes so this is my first post. (I apologize if im posting in the wrong place. If so, please lmk so I may move it.).
Ten days ago I purchased the MacBook Retina Pro Model A1502. 2016. 13 inch. 8gb & 128gb. I paid $1357, but after a job discount paid $1279
A friends suggested I return it (I have to decide within 4 days return policy) and purchase his MacBook Pro Retina 15 Early 2013 ME66LL/A 2.7 GHz i7 16gb 512 GB. This is the tec sheet he provided

He says with upgrades he originall paid $2999. He says upgraded to 1TB internal hard drive internally by Apple (for $600) and that he upgraded and tuned it to 2017 speeds
Apple care runs out June 2018
He does not have any original paperwork, but says he purchased "early 2013, in August" (So, I presume only owner but am not sure)
He says his goes for $1200 without the upgrades. He is offering it for $800 as he bought a new MacBook and rarely uses this one.
I travel a lot but am a person of simple means. I hope to use it to learn video editing for travel videos usually up to 15 minutes and productivity and organization.
(Now I only have an iPhone and old ipad)
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Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

Sorry we didn't get back to you sooner....I see you are probably out of the return window.

-If your friend's MBP is a Early 2013 model purchased in 2013, then AppleCare would have expired in 2016. He may have purchased some other form of warranty program that is good for 5 years instead of AppleCare's 3 years.
-I am not sure what is meant by "that he upgraded and tuned it to 2017 speeds"?
-A 13" MBP is much easier to use when traveling.
-Your MBP will get better battery life.
-Yes, his would be slightly faster when working with video, but pretty much the same for other normal tasks.
-You can add an external Thunderbolt HD if you need more space.

It's really up to you, but either MBP will be good for your needs.

Hope that helps,


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