DHCP Renewal not working


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Aug 29, 2016
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Hey Guys,
Long time reader first time poster.

My partners iMac seems to be unable to renew DHCP Lease correctly to connect to our wireless.
It keeps pulling bizzaro self assigned I.P addresses.
Then after a while it actually displays my routers Ipv6 address as the i.p address.

I've tried:
- Deleting the Wifi and keychain access then reconnecting so it thinks its joining a new network.

- Manually configuring the IPv4 settings. This seems to get me connected to the router at best but not the internet. (However I have a Macbook pro on static IP so it shouldn't be a router issue).

- Resetting the firewall settings.

- Changing the SSID on the Router. Changing Router Channels.

- Turning it off and on again.

It feels like cleansing fire is the only option.

Has anyone else encountered a similar issue?
She's running Lion 10.7.3 If I remember correctly. (Posting form work so I'll double check when I get home)


Jun 13, 2007
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Have you tried calling your ISP's tech support, they'll walk you through the correct router/mac os x settings for using their internet services.

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