Can anybody help me with converting from Pages to a Word file to use on a pc?

Jan 10, 2015
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I have a macbook and am using it to work in Pages and then convert to Word to go work on the same document on a pc using Word 2002.

But a couple of times when I put the flash drive in and go to open the Word document, Word doesn't open. I get the Word paperclip and the chapter (of the book I'm writing) on top but the doc doesn't open. NONE of the Word docs open.

An interesting thing happens: the converted Word icon appears as usual in My Documents for the chapter, but it's faint, has 1kb of data, and a curvy line and a dollar sign appear before an attenuated chapter title. The regular darker blue Word icon for the file is there, yes, but doesn't open.

Yesterday I uninstalled Word 2002 and reinstalled with the original cd but no go. In desperation I did a system restore back two days--voila--Word opened! Now I'm totally confused.

I want to use the macbook for writing in bed and then convert the file and put it on the pc and use there on Word.

Anybody have any ideas? What is happening during the conversion process--if that's where the problem is?

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