Automator Zip File Help..

Dec 2, 2014
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Good Morning,

I am happy I found this site.. I need help in setting up a repetitive action on a mac, I hear automator is the way to go but that I can also do it using applescript. Here is the scenario.

I currently have a CD+G files in a folder, to use it properly with my karaoke system, I have to grab the two files (cd and the g) and zip them up with the exact same name of the CD+G files that are in this folder. Note: the two files are already named accordingly. So here are the manual steps:
1. find the two files in the folder - easy since when ordered alphabetically they are one after the other.
2. zip up the files using the normal option from the zip file application
3. rename the zip file the exact same name as the contents (CD + G), they are already named the same thing in the folder.

those are the three steps i believe i have to repeat.. is there a way to use automator to get this done?


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