Automate grabbing and inserting most recent image deposited on Mac into Word Document

May 15, 2020
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I'd like to set up an automation that would allow me to speed up a process that I use frequently.

I record videos of MS Office classes being taught online (via WebEx or Zoom) at work and then create personal outlines to follow based on those recordings. I use Snagit to capture each action happening on the screen, add an arrow to highlight the function or button on the screen that's being discussed, then I save it to a specified folder on my Mac. I then switch to WORD 2016 on MAC, and then manually pick that most recent image and insert it into the WORD Document where I last left the cursor, and then add a few lines of text explaining what the screen grab is illustrating.

I then go back to the video, find the next image to grab with SNAGIT and keep repeating this process. Typically I'm manually inserting hundreds of images in my outlines.

I've created a keyboard shortcut to bring up the INSERT PICTURE command (COMMAND + P) and it is waiting to pick the new photo from the correct folder where I deposited the most recent screen grab (because it was the last place I grabbed from), but I still have to select it and hit OK as well as jumping back and forth between WORD and SNAGIT.

I'm not very familiar with Automator, scripting or macros', but am hoping there is a way to use automator such that the moment I save the most recent screen grab to the Mac into a designated folder, AUTOMATOR will grab it and insert it into WORD in the spot where I left my cursor. This would save alot of manual key hitting.

If this is possible can someone show me what the Automator script would look like?

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Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

I am not well-versed in AppleScript/Automator, so this is above my experience level. Maybe the folks over at MacScripter could lend a hand.

Let us know if they have a solution.


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