Applescript to delete and move files


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Mar 9, 2011
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Hi I don't really know much at all about applescript but this seems like it can be elementary for some of you scripting beast. Basically, I have a my mac set up for ftp access and my friends will upload skate videos and I do editing for them with Final Cut. Basically this software that they use to convert the video into a .mov file for me always adds these 2 unneeded files in the folder along with it. I do a lot of this remotely on my macbook pro. Basically I have them ftp to a folder I call "VIDZ" inside that folder they upload their folders which consist of a .mov, a .sfv file, and some other unknown file. I would like to have an applescript that will scan the VIDZ folder and subfolders for .mov files and if it finds any it will move them to a folder called RFE VIDZ and delete everything else including the subfolders. On a side note I would like this script to automatically run about once every 3 hours. I will be most greatful if someone could lead me in the right direction. If you need exact paths of the folders it's below...

VIDZ = /Users/Freddy/Documents/VIDZ
RFE VIDZ =/Users/Freddy/Desktop/RFE VIDZ


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