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Daniele Versari

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Apr 21, 2015
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I used to use this script in automator to automatically import events from csv to ical. However, since yosemite was released it does not work anymore. It seems to give an error (in italian: "la connessione non è valida").
Can sombody help me?

set OldDelimiters to AppleScript'stext item delimiters

set LF to ASCII character 10

set theFile to "/Users/dversari/Desktop/Orario.csv"

set theLines to readtheFile

set AppleScript'stext item delimiters to {LF}

set theLines to paragraphs of theLines

set AppleScript'stext item delimiters to {","}

repeat with ThisLine in theLines

if (count of ThisLine) > 0 then --ignore blanks

set StartDate to date (text item 1 of ThisLine & " " & text item 2 of ThisLine)

set EndDate to date (text item 3 of ThisLine & " " & text item 4 of ThisLine)

set CalName to word 1 of text item 5 of ThisLine

tell application "Calendar"

set CalList to title of every calendar

if CalName is in CalList then

repeat with CalNo from 1 to count of CalList

if CalName is itemCalNo of CalList then exit repeat

end repeat


set NewOne to makenewcalendarat end of calendarswith properties {title:CalName}

set CalNo to 1 + (count of CalList)

end if

tell calendarCalNo

set newItem to makeneweventat end of eventswith properties {start date:StartDate}

set summary of newItem to text item 6 of ThisLine

set location of newItem to text item 7 of ThisLine

set end date of newItem to EndDate

end tell --calendar

end tell --iCal

end if

end repeat

set AppleScript'stext item delimiters to OldDelimiters


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