FileNotFoundError -- filepath question

May 30, 2023
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Can anyone help with a filepath / input directory problem:

I am using the Automatic1111 Web UI interface to generate art using Stable Diffusion. This is a way to access Google Colab processing support.

I have >100 mages to upscale.

The UI has a Batch function in a tab of its own, where it says "Process images in a directory on the same machine where the server is running" and it has a text field for me to enter the input directory.

(The UI also says "Use an empty output directory to save pictures normally instead of writing to the output directory.")

I to get the filepath use the Finder command "Copy path to filename" (in Column view).

The filepath that I get looks like this: "/Users/myname/MyDrive/AI_PICS/outputs/"

The error that comes back is always the same:

"FileNotFoundError: [Errno2] No such file of directory: '/Users... [etc]
May 15, 2023
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I think it's possible that the directory path is not being correctly recognized. One thing to verify is whether the Automatic1111 Web UI is running on your local machine or on a remote server (like Google Colab). If it's the latter, then a local file path like "/Users/myname/MyDrive/AI_PICS/outputs/" might not work because that directory doesn't exist on the server.

You may need to upload your images to the server or use a cloud storage path if the UI supports it. Otherwise, if it's running locally, double-check the path for any typos.

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