Etiquette & Moderation Policy

Mac-help Forum Etiquette & Moderation Policy

The following rules, along with the Registration Agreement you accepted upon signing up, outline the expected conduct in the forums. It's essential to adhere to both sets of guidelines to ensure a respectful and constructive community environment.

Members should only take responsibility for their own posts. If you see someone breaking the rules, you can report it but not use it as a reason to break the rules yourself. Moderators, who are volunteers, rely on members to report issues, aiming to keep discussions enjoyable and problem-free, without any hidden agendas.

Instantly Bannable Offenses

  • Direct insults or name-calling can lead to bans.

  • Harassment of any forum member is not tolerated.

  • Making any form of threat is a bannable offense.

  • Breaking the registration agreement can result in a ban.

  • Only one account per person is allowed.

  • Spreading hoaxes or misleading information is prohibited.

  • Trolling and purposely causing negative reactions is forbidden.

  • Hate speech or discrimination against any group is not allowed, with certain exceptions for political discussions within respectful bounds.


  • No promotion or advertising in forum posts.

  • Legitimate help requests and recommendations allowed.

  • Strictly no self-promotion, except in your signature and profile.

  • Advertising, shilling, and soliciting are banned actions.

  • Self-promotional content is confined to specific profile areas.

Things Not to Do

  • Posting inappropriately in debates or attacking others personally.

  • Making irrelevant or minimal content posts, like one-word responses or off-topic images.

  • Repetitive posting, either of the same message or numerous low-content posts.

  • Reposting entire articles from other sites; share a link and your thoughts instead.

  • Posting referral links or engaging in pyramid schemes.

  • Off-topic posting, especially outside designated forums.

  • Telling others to just search for answers; offer guidance instead.

  • Sharing or requesting illegal software keys or piracy methods.

  • Using shared accounts; each account should be individual.

  • Circumventing the profanity filter or selling outside the designated marketplace.

  • Discussing ad blocking on the site.

  • Any actions causing repeated moderation issues may lead to termination of membership.

Minor Problems

To maintain a positive forum environment, avoid these actions:

  • Engage only in relevant discussions, not casual chat.

  • Post a new thread once and in the correct forum.

  • Avoid duplicate posts; one message per topic is enough.

  • Keep signatures concise and within set size limits.

  • Ensure avatars and signatures comply with forum rules.

  • Use the forum's signature feature instead of simulating signatures within posts.

  • Do not "bump" threads without adding new content.

  • Refrain from correcting minor spelling or grammar mistakes of others.

  • Avoid posting multiple times in succession; use the Multi-Quote or edit functions.

  • Post in English for clarity and understanding.

  • Apply common sense and courtesy in your interactions.

  • Start user names with an alphanumeric character for the tagging feature to work.