Why apple is condemned to innovate

Discussion in 'Mac' started by Zen, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. Zen

    Zen Guest

    "Can Apple continue to innovate without Jobs?

    Is there any other option?

    "The iPhone enjoys 27% market share in the smartphone category,
    according to the latest comscore stats. That's second only to Google's
    Android with 44% market share. Rest assured, Google is looking to
    increase their piece of the pie with the acquisition of Motorola
    Mobility. And while the iPhone 4S will likely fly off the shelves, it
    did disappoint some hoping to see an iPhone 5. Shares of Apple fell
    following Tuesday's announcement and were down modestly Wednesday
    morning in reaction to Jobs' death."

    "In the tablet category, the iPad dominates. It controls 73% of the
    market(1) and expects to have at least 50% share through 2014, says
    industry research firm Gartner. The competition has so far been weak but
    Amazon's new Kindle Fire may change that. Even if it's not a game
    changer, competitors will continue to try."

    (1) Gartner puts Apple’s current market share at 73.4%, down from 83%
    last year.

    "This is not to say Apple will fail without Steve Jobs. They are still
    in good hands. Apple certainly has talented engineers, product managers
    and executives. CEO Tim Cook has been steering the ship for the last
    several years as Jobs battled his health issues. The company has
    excelled during this time. Another integral piece of the puzzle,
    Jonathan Ive remains. Ive is the lead designer behind just about every
    great product Apple developed in the last decade and half.
    In the end, the only thing we know is: things will be different. And, as
    Steve Jobs proved, different has the potential to be much better."

    Absolutely! Apple invented the smartphone and everybody followed. They
    invented the iPad, same. Samsung copies the iPhone's corner slopes, and
    Google, the whole thing, even the flat format of the phone. Apple had a
    phone that fitted your shirt or suit pocket? Everybody had to follow.

    But, this time, things will get harder. The next discovery will be a TV,
    nothing less! No need to use a remote control to change from TV to
    computer. You'll just click on the desktop. For a few hundred dollars
    more, you might ask Siri to switch to a Sirial Killer movie.

    Man, that's going to be progress worth paying for!

    Innovation is the way to go for Apple. So we understand they have no
    time to provide a real server OS.

    That's why Apple was up again 1.02% today while the NASDAQ was... well,
    I don't remember.

    Zen, Oct 28, 2011
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  2. Zen


    Zen <> writes:

    > yada yada

    Yeah, Priam, that's nice.

    Plain Bread alone for e-mail, thanks. The rest gets trashed.
    , Oct 28, 2011
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  3. Zen

    Zen Guest

    On 10/27/2011 10:54 PM, wrote:
    > Zen<> writes:
    >> yada yada

    > Yeah, Priam, that's nice.

    I don't know why you treat me so nastily. All I say about Apple is to
    help Apple products users to understand investors' POV. If Apple is to
    stay on top, investors are key and we must understand that sending them
    a few more extra billions $ is a must if we want Apple to keep healthy.
    Innovation costs millions, you know. Take this for instance:

    "IDC has recently released a new long term forecast for the worldwide
    smart phone market, in which the group sees the iOS’ market share
    decrease by 2015.

    "Apple’s mobile operating system currently holds an 18.20 percent share
    of the smart phone market. This places the iOS behind Android (with
    38.90 percent) and Symbian (20.60 percent).

    "However, despite the yearly release of a new iPhone, ICD expects the
    iOS’ smart phone market share to decrease by 2015 (to 16.90 percent),
    and Android’s share of the smart phone market to increase (to 43.80

    "The long term forecast also expects Windows Phone to grow in
    popularity. Currently, Microsoft’s mobile operating system has 3.80
    percent of the smart phone market share. ICD expects this figure to
    increase to 20.30 percent by 2015."


    Can't you see we'll have to send billions upon billions $ to keep our
    dear Apple afloat? Otherwise, people will blame Cook for a situation
    he's not at all responsible for: copyright infringements that go unpunished.

    Can you imagine? After Apple devised a smartphone that fitted in a
    pocket, Google did exactly the same. Samsung even went as far as copying
    the roundness of its corners!

    This is what a phone looked like before Apple reinvented it:


    Why doesn't Google stick with it?

    Apple's research is copied, copied, copied, the world over. That's why
    we should shut up and help investors like you and me make a bundle.

    Try to be reasonable in your rhetoric! Don't forget that if it wasn't
    for its partners, Google could as well give their phones away. That's
    not where they make their money: it's with publicity!

    Apple is condemned to innovation.
    Zen, Oct 28, 2011
  4. Zen

    Zen Guest

    On 10/28/2011 12:20 AM, Zen wrote:

    > "The long term forecast also expects Windows Phone to grow in
    > popularity. Currently, Microsoft’s mobile operating system has 3.80
    > percent of the smart phone market share. ICD expects this figure to
    > increase to 20.30 percent by 2015."

    I'm afraid this was a bit optimistic... or pessimistic depending on the
    POV :) Android has pretty much gobbled all this percentage.

    "Gartner Says Android to Command Nearly Half of Worldwide Smartphone
    Operating System Market by Year-End 2012"

    Right now: "Android Overtakes Apple with 44% Worldwide Share of Mobile
    App Downloads, Says ABI Research"

    Predicting the present is always so much easier :)
    Zen, Oct 28, 2011
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