The very best in HDMI cables

Discussion in 'Misc' started by Warren Oates, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. Warren Oates

    Warren Oates Guest

    Warren Oates, Dec 26, 2011
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  2. Warren Oates

    Chris Ridd Guest

    Chris Ridd, Dec 26, 2011
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  3. Warren Oates

    Just Me Guest


    AUDIOQUEST - DIAMOND HDMI 0.6M (1Ft 11") for $935.
    Thats only a bit more than $450 a foot.

    I wonder how much better it is than the
    AUDIOQUEST - CINNAMON HDMI 0.6M (1Ft 11") for $63
    about $30 a foot.

    Interesting that:
    This product can only be shipped to US addresses.
    Just Me, Dec 26, 2011

  4. <>

    Scroll down to the AC power cords...

    Here's a $1,700 outlet box and cover:


    This one may take the crown: a $45,000 (yes, forty-five thousand USD) 2
    meter speaker cable pair:



    steve <at> w0x0f <dot> com
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    Steve Fenwick, Dec 26, 2011
  5. Warren Oates

    Just Me Guest

    Maybe you need it to feed a signal to this 152 inch, $500k plasma TV?

    I suppose if people have that kind of money they are allowed to be
    Just Me, Dec 26, 2011
  6. Warren Oates

    Warren Oates Guest

    That's just MusicDirect; they don't want to deal with international
    shipping. You can buy this stuff through BestBuy, among others.
    Well, I doubt that any home-theatre people would buy a professional 1.85
    cinema display. That's the sort of thing they put in theatres. But no
    one , even a theatre, needs a 1000 dollar HDMI cable.
    Warren Oates, Dec 26, 2011
  7. Warren Oates

    Warren Oates Guest

    Ouch. Srsly. Who would pay that? Even if I could afford it, I know that
    there's something srsly messed up with that.
    Warren Oates, Dec 26, 2011
  8. Warren Oates

    Fred Moore Guest

    Fred Moore, Dec 26, 2011
  9. There's always this iPhone 4S priced at "only" US$5,900.

    Or if you're not an iPhone fan, you may find another over-priced mobile in
    the gallery.

    For those not worried about their budget, there's always this iPhone
    priced at the miniscule amount of US$3.3million.

    But, for those with a real lack of sense there's this iPad2 for a mere
    US$7.7million, with real "dinosaur bone" in the case ... and there's the
    optional matching iPhone too.

    Helpful Harry :eek:)
    Helpful Harry, Dec 26, 2011
  10. Warren Oates

    Mike Guest

    But, alas! Not shipped to Canada!
    Mike, Dec 26, 2011
  11. Warren Oates

    John Varela Guest

    For only $400 this power cord protects your 50 or 60 Hz input from
    John Varela, Dec 26, 2011
  12. Warren Oates

    Tony Guest

    Can get the same HDMI 1.4 cable from Canada computers for $9.95 apiece.

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    Tony, Dec 26, 2011
  13. Warren Oates

    Warren Oates Guest

    Warren Oates, Dec 27, 2011
  14. Warren Oates

    Jim Gibson Guest

    Jim Gibson, Dec 27, 2011
  15. Warren Oates

    Warren Oates Guest

    Warren Oates, Dec 27, 2011
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