The Finder is more than OUT!

Discussion in 'Programmer Misc' started by jo.y.venn, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. jo.y.venn

    jo.y.venn Guest

    i work on a Leopard. 10.5.6 and the "Finder" seems every day more
    outdated and useless, compard to a couple of very innovative 3-party
    solutions/applications like:


    The "Finder" is out. The Hard Disc has only for storage data, and to
    list Data in:

    i'm not interested to see any of the "normal" folders. The only useful
    though is:
    -Smart folder
    -trash basket

    i'll access quickly to my documents, ect. I purpose sorting by:

    i'm not interested to save documents. They should save themselves.

    then some little features, like:
    -move command
    -logical solution for the context-menu, service-menu (the possibility
    to manage contents of these menus)
    -trash basket with feedback-feature (for uninstalling applications)

    I want a new "Finder" with all this characterstics.
    jo.y.venn, Mar 27, 2009
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  2. jo.y.venn

    jo.y.venn Guest

    Hey, Tom

    i'm not programmer, but i can design interfaces and write any
    imaginable applescript (hopefully for everydays use), but i would give
    a feedback/inspiration for interested people with programming
    knowledge. Perhaps somebody can tell my how and where to begin with
    xcode. (a list of 12 steps to get into)
    jo.y.venn, Mar 27, 2009
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  3. jo.y.venn

    Marc Stibane Guest

    Step 1: Install Xcode from the DVD which came with your Mac...
    Marc Stibane, Mar 31, 2009
  4. jo.y.venn

    jo.y.venn Guest

    jo.y.venn, Apr 4, 2009
  5. Huh? A MacBook is far above the practical minimum OS X development
    machine today.

    Pictures don't do it justice. By which I mean: I really don't understand
    what you're trying to illustrate at all. It's a mess.
    Gregory Weston, Apr 4, 2009
  6. jo.y.venn

    jo.y.venn Guest

    Hello, Gregory design concepts/InterfaceConcept1.png design concepts/InterfaceConcept2.png design concepts/InterfaceConcept3.png
    Its a concept, at all. You've right to assert the things i try to
    illustrate are a "mess", i've putted to much informations in both
    windows. Perhaps a step-by step illustration will help the
    understanding. Elsewhere i'll not agree with you for the word "mess".
    Simpler as these interfaces..the original Finder is a mess..i had
    wrote 100 or more applescripts for the finder, since i bought my first
    mac os, exactly 6 years ago.
    jo.y.venn, Apr 5, 2009
  7. Perhaps. Or words, for that matter. As in real descriptions of the
    interface elements and their behavior. You've invented new terms without
    defining them and then used them all over those illustrations. I don't
    know what's going on with those new elements rooted in the upper-left
    and lower-right corners, although I think I've now worked out that the
    latter is what you're calling a "label panel." I have no clue what a
    "bubble" is in your UI. There are lines and arrows and sentence
    fragments all over the place. I'm not sure what the point is of the
    element that apparently carries the icon of the last used storage device
    Not to put to fine a point on it, what does your experience of writing
    AppleScripts have to do with the usability and efficiency of the
    graphical UI?

    I also note that while you started out talking about a personal
    dissatisfaction with the stock file system interface (aka Finder) you're
    really illustrating a massive overhaul of the system UI.

    What I'm looking at is a mess. Whether that's because there's something
    fundamentally broken about the idea or just that the illustrations are
    flawed or incomplete is something I can't tell.
    Gregory Weston, Apr 5, 2009
  8. jo.y.venn

    jo.y.venn Guest

    Hello, Gregory and to other programmers here,
    thanks for showing interesting.
    i've done some cleanup for reading and understanding better my
    diagrams. Have a bit of patience. And get me a bit feedback (with mess
    or worderful is said nothing about what you are mean.) design concepts/InterfaceConcept1a.png design concepts/InterfaceConcept2b.png

    my idea is:

    only smart folders (no more folders at all- only sorted files on hard-
    documents stored on hd, but not visible, only the search mode detects
    these spread data on hard disc
    - labels
    - tags (collect everything with a simple, meanigful, personal mode)
    - support for external devices
    - status control (for checking Network signal strengh, Ram
    consumption, Battery charge-if a laptop, ect utils)
    - shelf (like a container for access your favorite documents/
    - the dinamic of widgets (simple and cooperative thrugh nodes)
    - graphical commands

    let's clean up!
    i'm inspired of Quicksilver: i do nothing with the finder.
    i suggest to construct a new manner of dealing with files(all kind of
    used files like documents and applications): they have to be sorted as
    specific cathegories:
    -Graphical elements (2d/3d)
    -Text elements (editors)
    -Audio (music elements)
    -Multimedia elem. (Video)
    -Utility elements (Monitoring activities lokal and outgoing info)
    -Unclassified elements (the rest)

    Thanks for the attention. Hey, guys, come on!
    jo.y.venn, Apr 5, 2009
  9. I think I'm getting more of it. The things in the UL and LR corners are
    sort of like minimized (or iconized) windows?
    Sorted how? There's got to be some sort of real organization mechanism.
    I suggest that the above kills this idea in the market, even if the
    general alien-ness does. Look at the ire that's generated over iTunes'
    and iPhoto's default (but optional) behavior of taking over the task of
    organizing content. Whether there's a real benefit or just a
    psychological one, people *want* to at least feel they have control over
    their data. It seems like you're suggesting a mechanism under which it's
    mandatory that they cede control.

    I'll agree with the general notion that Finder has substantial room for
    improvement. Based on patent applications and other documentation that
    oozes out of Cupertino, Apple agrees too. Baby steps, though. Don't
    start by taking away the organization tools (and maybe don't end there,
    either) but certainly find ways to enhance them. Leverage the logic
    behind Time Machine to provide real (but optional) revision control,
    something the FS supported in 1984 that was never actually used. You'll
    end up effectively replacing your FS with a DBMS, which has been tried a
    couple of times without real success. Do away with the standard file
    dialogs, which IMO have been an anachronism for more than a decade.
    Perhaps provide a sort of adaptive prioritization in the UI that makes
    things easier to find when they get used heavily.
    Gregory Weston, Apr 5, 2009
  10. jo.y.venn

    jo.y.venn Guest

    I think I'm getting more of it. The things in the UL and LR corners are
    Yes! minimized widgets (another term:bubbles) to by exactly
    you are on right to assert this. Concept3 is a kind of "bridge" for
    migrate to a new desktop experience.
    I'll do that. But its in my mind, to broke with older UI. (without
    losing the best of these ones, naturally- i need a list of the popular
    and necessary features)
    yes, i agree with you. But i'll create a new desktop experience- i
    hope somebody helps me to to it right.
    (the only good reason why i had begun to use the script editor..not
    bad, at all-)
    Using openmeta, perhaps..
    the guys of Punakea are working to implement that.
    jo.y.venn, Apr 5, 2009
  11. jo.y.venn

    jo.y.venn Guest

    only smart folders (no more folders at all- only sorted files on hard-
    i use Quicksilver and Applescript todo anything imaginable. The Finder
    is only a medium for me, but hear: thanks for your feedback, i
    appreciate it. One of my teachers () have said a very intelligent
    phrase: less is more, because then you have to be sure and precise,
    instead to overload with more and more..chaotic things. I feel me
    overhelmed from the finder filesystem; at the end i've to deal more in
    the organization of folders, instead to work on my Text/Graphic-files.
    Everything is todo in a manual manner, without or with a poor feedback
    from the computer.

    I believe in your words. But i wish a kind of next generation
    management (hopefully doesn't sound too proudly)
    please know Quicksilver? Punakea? Together? I'm inspired
    mainly by Quicksilver..
    a new step asks new methods, without offense.
    Naturally..but it is very interesting to discuss something new, and to
    believe in something
    Why? please explain. The label-panels are only a list of minimized
    widgets..none of these labels are static
    Thanks! you are welcome.
    jo.y.venn, Apr 6, 2009
  12. You don't need more. In fact more can be dangerous, if you want to sell
    to macBook owners.
    Walter Bushell, Apr 26, 2009
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