Singapore School Finds New Ways to Educate With iPad

Discussion in 'Apple News' started by Newsbot, Mar 5, 2014.

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    Educators at one of Singapore’s top public high schools have found that using iPad in the classroom is helping students excel and changing the way they interact with their lessons. In 2011, Nanyang Girls’ High School launched a program to introduce iPad in the curriculum. The initiative began with a single grade level, but has since expanded to include the entire student body. “The interactive features definitely appeal to and engage the students more,” says history teacher Ong Lee Hua. Students are speaking up more in class and participating more in online discussions. And teachers also say iPad helps the girls learn to navigate the collaborative world they’ll be working in. “The collaborative element of using iPad is pretty relevant in today’s world,” according to language arts teacher Cressandra Tan. “Not just relying on your own strengths, but the strengths of your group.”

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    Newsbot, Mar 5, 2014
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