PowerPoint to Keynote conversions?

Discussion in 'Graphics' started by AES, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. AES

    AES Guest

    I'm forced to open an occasional PowerPoint .ppt or .pptx presentation
    using Keynote, in order to 'read' it on screen, Save it for future
    reference (usually by printing it to PDF), or maybe extract some images
    from it.

    This doesn't happen often enough for me to develop a lot of expertise in
    Keynote, so I'm asking if anyone can recommend a tutorial or share any
    helpful hints on how to copy with the occasional translation glitches in
    doing this.

    The document warning flags thrown up by Keynote are primarily missing
    font warnings, mostly for font names beginning with "C": Cambria,
    Constantia, Calibri, Š. Any suggestion on what replacement fonts are
    the best choices for these? Any easy way to add these fonts to my
    system (which is currently 10.4.11) so Keynote can use them?

    Thanks for any advice.
    AES, Apr 10, 2010
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  2. I go backwards an forwards between Keynote '09 and PowerPoint 2008.
    Keynote does a good job of opening PowerPoint files and managing to keep
    the features. I usually only have to go through and touch up some font
    spacings and the like, just to be sure. It will usually pick substitute
    fonts (if they are needed) that are so similar you don't notice.

    I don;t think you really need any tutorials - if you can use PowerPoint
    2008, then Keynote will feel very similar - just better!
    William Clark, Apr 10, 2010
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