poor quality color, great grayscale - why

Discussion in 'Misc' started by tom koehler, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. tom koehler

    tom koehler Guest

    also posted at comp.sys.mac.printing, but with no action over there, so here
    I am again, with hat in hand, so to speak.

    running OS10.6.8 on an imac, and my printer is a KonicaMinolta magicolor
    2430DL. For years this has been a great printer with excellent quality and
    reliability. Lately, the color quality has been very poor, mainly lacking in
    black or gray tones in the shades, I think. Solid black areas of a picture
    are still ok. A test print of a color picture done in grayscale printing
    turns out excellent. All toner levels are good, and no error messages
    showing.I'm looking for clues, what could be wrong.Printer driver is current,
    for OS10.6. tom koehler
    tom koehler, Dec 14, 2011
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  2. What have you changed? Ink. Paper. Print head. Software. Driver. OS? Did
    you recently change to 10.6? IIRC that was when Apple changed the gamma.
    Mark Storkamp, Dec 14, 2011
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  3. tom koehler

    tom koehler Guest

    Good points, thank you. No changes in paper. I have been using toner
    advertised as Magicolor 2430 toner - but not sold by KonicaMinolta. Quality
    was okay until recently. I thought it may have been problems with printer
    driver, maybe. I uninstalled the driver, and then re-installed the current
    driver. No improvement. I will check what I can about the gamma choices.
    tom koehler
    tom koehler, Dec 14, 2011
  4. That's most likely the problem. It could simply be that the toner is
    running out and that the "compatible" cartridge doesn't have all the
    correct bits to report toner levels correctly and / or is full of garbage
    quality toner clogging up inside the cartridge. (Personally I refuse to
    use "compatible" or "refilled" cartridges from third parties for any laser
    or inkjet printer after having numerous problems with them and their print

    If possible you could try using a different Mac with an older or newer
    driver, but it's doubtful it's a software problem, especially if you
    haven't changed the driver or Mac OS.

    Assuming it isn't the toner cartridge, then depending on how long you've
    had the printer and how much you use it, it's more likely a problem that
    requires servicing. Like photocopiers, laser printers require parts to be
    replaced after a certain number of copies. I'm not sure about the
    Magicolour, but in some laser printers some parts (but not all) are
    replaced in the toner cartridge itself, while in other printers they
    aren't - which is again another reason to not use "compatible" /
    "refilled" cartridges.

    Simple answer is, if it still doesn't work with a new toner cartridge
    (preferrably a propr Konica one), then it likely needs to go to a repair
    centre to be properly looked at and serviced.

    Helpful Harry :eek:)
    Helpful Harry, Dec 14, 2011
  5. tom koehler

    tom koehler Guest

    this printer does replace certain non-toner parts when a new drum cartridgeis
    installed and when new toner cartridges are installed. There is a smart chip
    as part of the toner cartridge and there is one such on the equivalent
    cartridge. Guess I'll just have to bite the bullet and spend the bigger money
    onthe genuine goods. sigh.
    Thanks for your responses.
    tom koehler
    tom koehler, Dec 14, 2011
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