Picture viewer for iMac

Discussion in 'Graphics' started by SchoolTech, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. SchoolTech

    SchoolTech Guest

    I need some simple free software for browsing and viewing pictures on
    an iMac. Something like the functionality of the Windows XP explorer
    thumbnail / filmstrip viewer at a minimum, perhaps with the ability to
    resize photos and simple effects also.

    The system is an earlier iMac (I think it's a 333 CPU) with an older
    version of OS X, possibly Panther.
    SchoolTech, Oct 22, 2005
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  2. SchoolTech

    PAM. Guest

    Is there any way I can make the pictures larger in Konq? I have a few
    hundred I want to sort through and they're a tad small to see what they are
    and drag 'em to the right directory. It would be easier if they were 2-4cm
    in size

    PAM., Oct 24, 2005
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  3. The pictures? ITYM the thumbnails. And, yes, I've often wanted to
    see larger thumbnails in konqueror.

    Allodoxaphobia, Oct 24, 2005
  4. SchoolTech

    Shane Guest

    You could use View | Icon Size | Huge
    Making sure View | Preview | Images
    is selected
    Shane, Oct 24, 2005
  5. SchoolTech

    PAM. Guest

    You are correct. I mean thimbnails

    PAM., Oct 24, 2005
  6. SchoolTech

    PAM. Guest

    Hmmm. I'll check it out.
    PAM., Oct 24, 2005
  7. Alas. That is what it is currently.
    I'd like to see View | Icon Size | _Custom_
    ...and specify a max pixel width and height.

    Allodoxaphobia, Oct 25, 2005
  8. SchoolTech

    Ray Fischer Guest

    Something like iPhoto?
    Ray Fischer, Oct 25, 2005
  9. SchoolTech

    SchoolTech Guest

    Which version of iPhoto lets you browse a CD?
    SchoolTech, Oct 28, 2005
  10. SchoolTech

    Calvin Guest

    Calvin, Oct 29, 2005
  11. SchoolTech

    Dieter Fritz Guest

    Dieter Fritz, Oct 30, 2005
  12. It will only show a single picture if the window is in column view.

    To get a decent icon view:
    From the Finder open the folder of pictures.
    Go to the View menu, select 'as Icons'.
    Go to the View menu, select 'Show View Options'.
    Make sure 'This window only' is selected, and change the icon size to
    128x128 pixels.

    Roger Johnstone, Invercargill, New Zealand
    No Silicon Heaven? Preposterous! Where would all the calculators go?

    Kryten, from the Red Dwarf episode "The Last Day"
    Roger Johnstone, Oct 31, 2005
  13. You have two applications that came with the the OS: Preview and
    iPhoto. If you select all the pictures in the folder and drop them onto
    the Preview icon, thumbnails of all of them will show in the drawer that
    slides out to the side of the window. When you click on a thumbnail,
    its picture will be displayed in the window.

    Preview has some editing functions, too: You can adjust exposure, white
    and black points, gamma, saturation, contrast, sharpness, and sepia
    tone; plus you can crop, flip, and rotate.

    And, of course, you can do more than just that with iPhoto.
    Michelle Steiner, Oct 31, 2005
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