Personal Hotspot Greyed Out After iOS 17 Update on iPhone 14 Pro

May 22, 2024
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Hoping to get some help. After upgrading my iPhone 14 Pro to iOS 17.5.1, I've noticed that the Personal Hotspot option is greyed out and I can't enable it. I've already tried resetting the network settings, but that didn't solve the issue.

Interestingly, another customer with the same mobile network operator has an iPhone 12 also running iOS 17.5.1, and their Personal Hotspot feature works fine. I only discovered this issue when I needed to use the hotspot, and it's quite frustrating.

A factory reset isn't really an option for me right now. Also, the Personal Hotspot option doesn't appear in Settings --> Cellular, where it should be. However, when I swipe down and hold the WiFi icon, the Personal Hotspot feature is there but greyed out.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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