Panel Type in my MacBook Pro

Discussion in 'Graphics' started by Casper Vollenweider, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. Hi

    I'm thinking about buying a external Display for my MacBook Pro. I've
    been reading a little about colors and different display technology's.
    In different display magazines I read about TN, PVA, S-PVA, MVA and
    S-IPS panels.

    I'm pretty happy with the Quality of my MacBook Pro's 15" Display, but
    couldn't find any information on the web about the panel built in. There
    is only it's LED back light mentioned, but nothing about the panel
    technology itself.
    Knowing this would at least give me a hint, from what kind of displays I
    should choose from.

    My grand home display should be nearly, or the same quality as the built
    in display and have a 1920X1200 resolution.
    There are so many displays out there, and there are so many different
    quality factors. It's quite a challenge to find a display that fits ones
    cash capacity and quality needs ;-).
    I do lots of reading and coding. Little graphic design and photo editing
    for screens (never for print), some multimedia use (but this is just for
    fun, not work) and no games at all. Of course I would appreciate any
    hints on a good display that is not toooooo deer. Apples Displays might
    be great, but cost a fortune... ;-)

    So does anyone know the panel Type of the latest (Spring 2008, 2.5 GHz,
    6MB L2 cache, LED-Back light) MacBook Pro models?

    Thank you!



    Xpost and Fup to Thanks for following the
    Followup-To ;-)
    Casper Vollenweider, Sep 6, 2008
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