Odd ksh problem

Discussion in 'Programmer Misc' started by Robert Peirce, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. This worked on Uwin, but it is blowing up on my Mac. I just have a
    fragment here.

    Data prints out a colon separated record of every week in our database
    for a stock "$i." I change the colon to <TAB>, extract the first, third
    and fourth fields and pass the last 200 lines on to a while loop.

    I put tee foobar in to be sure the data was actually getting to the
    loop. It is.

    The loop has been compressed to just print the lines coming in. From 0
    to 2 random lines get printed. There is no pattern I have seen. It is
    possible you can't pipe data to a while loop on a Mac. Maybe it isn't
    supposed to work on any machine. Maybe there is something about dual
    core machines that causes the problem.

    I could rewrite the script to use awk. Originally it was an awk script
    that I rewrote to experiment with ksh. However, ksh ought to work if I
    set it up right.

    data $1 |
    tr : '\t' |
    field 1 3 4 |
    tail -200 |
    tee foobar |

    while read -r line
    do print -r -- $line
    Robert Peirce, Feb 29, 2008
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  2. If I say

    tail -200 > foobar
    exec 0< foobar
    while . . .

    it works, but isn't stdin always supposed to be open?
    Robert Peirce, Feb 29, 2008
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  3. Robert Peirce

    Bob Harris Guest

    why not try

    data $1 | awk -F: '{print $1, $3, $4}' | tail -200
    Bob Harris, Mar 1, 2008
  4. No reason. I just tried to run the script as it sat. I figured I would
    worry about changing it once I got it working. Besides, this change
    doesn't make the while loop work.

    The main question was why can't I pipe information into a ksh while loop
    on my Mac when I can do it on other Unix installations? This is made
    more confusing to me by the fact that the following does work:

    .. . .
    tail -200 > tmp-file

    exec 0< tmp-file
    while read -r line
    .. . .

    From my point of view, stdin is stdin and a pipe should work here.
    Robert Peirce, Mar 1, 2008
  5. Robert Peirce

    Bob Harris Guest

    Well, why not try a different shell. For example instead of ksh,
    try bash or zsh. The 'while', the 'read' and the stdin
    redirection is a function of the shell. Perhaps it is your shell
    that is having problems.

    If the behavior works with a different shell, then check the
    version of ksh on Mac OS X vs the other Unix systems you use. On
    Tiger I'm seeing:
    version sh (AT&T Labs Research) 1993-12-28 p
    and Leopard is showing:
    version sh (AT&T Research) 1993-12-28 s+

    MacPorts says it has the following 2 versions of ksh
    ksh93 @2007-06-28 shells/ksh93
    pdksh @5.2.14 shells/pdksh

    Bob Harris
    Bob Harris, Mar 2, 2008
  6. Thanks, Bob, but that defeats the purpose of trying to figure out why
    this doesn't work when it should. In an earlier version of this script
    I used awk for everything. I switched to ksh because the built-ins
    allowed me to do everything directly in the shell so I didn't have to
    call other programs.
    The version I am running at the office is 1993-12-28 q. It is possible
    the pipe-to-while capability was added in q and did not exist in p.

    I found www.macports.org, but I cannot figure out if there is a way just
    to get ksh93 without installing the whole MacPorts package, so I am
    going to do that and try to get there version of ksh93.
    Robert Peirce, Mar 2, 2008
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