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Discussion in 'Video Hardware' started by James Sidbury, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. I need a pair of monitors for my older mac pro (ATI 1900x??). Apple
    monitors are outside of my budget. My current monitor on my Windows
    system is a 19" 4:3 Samsung. I like the height of this monitor. A 16:9
    of the same height would be a 23" or 24". For a 16:10 it would be 22".
    Bigger is OK. I prefer matte finish. Suggestions?


    James Sidbury, Oct 25, 2010
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  2. James Sidbury

    Howard Beale Guest

    The good news is that even the worst or cheapest monitors these days are
    pretty decent...
    Howard Beale, Oct 26, 2010
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  3. I have a 28" ViewSonic VX2835wm and if I don't remember all too wrong,
    this model is also in a 24" version. The ViewSonic monitors are very
    clear in both brigthness, contrast and colors as well. The panel is
    completely black and 100% matted. I don't know much about their brand
    new series except that they also are matted and just as good as their
    now two years old models...

    Two months ago I bought a 24" W2408H HP - a prof/semi-prof pivot with
    their 'Vivid Color' technology. Apart from the VX2835wm this 24" HP is
    about the best monitor I've seen and to a reasonable price too.

    It has 3-way placing settings, so you can adjust viewing angle to match
    your position, adjust height. Fully pivot as well as 'plotter setting' -
    i.e. place the monitor completely laying down as a plate. Resolution
    1920x1200@60hz. All specs here:

    No special software needed on a Mac, fully ColorSync compatible. The
    system creates a dedicated profile the first time it's turned on. I've
    used it a bit on my own MacPro QuadCore. The panel itself isn't quite as
    matted as the ViewSonic monitors, but it's quite near the same. So if
    you need two identical monitors, this one would be a high
    recommendationable one....

    Cheers, Erik Richard

    Erik Richard Sørensen, Member of ADC, <>
    NisusWriter - The Future In Multilingual Text Processing - - The Modern Productivity Solution -
    Erik Richard Sørensen, Oct 26, 2010
  4. James Sidbury

    Lewis Guest

    In message <4cc6297e$0$23754$>
    Yeah, I think my 24" is that one. Full 1080p, 2ms response time, very
    bright and very clear. It is 1920x1080. It is not matte however, but I
    wouldn't buy a matte monitor as I prefer clear images to somewhat muddy
    images and I don't find the reflection to be that much of a problem
    (well, no problem at all for me).

    It was.... cheap. $299? Yeah, that sounds right.

    If my desk was bigger I'd buy a second one so I could go with a three
    monitor ubergeek setup, but my deskt is too small for 2x24" and 1x20"
    Lewis, Oct 26, 2010
  5. James Sidbury

    Suze Guest

    I like Acer for price and quality, they usually arrive with no dead
    pixels and have held up well for me so far. Newegg has some great prices
    on them right now. If monitor height is a consideration, buy an Ergotron
    Neo-flex LCD stand with the money you saved on the Acer, it's a great
    Suze, Oct 26, 2010
  6. I indeed prefer the matte anti-glare monitors - maybe because of my bad
    eys and very reduced sight. Hereto my placing of the monitor is so that
    I sometiems will get the full sun directly onto the monitor. And here
    the completely matte panel indeed is a good thing.
    Indeed that's a good price! - Here the same model is similar to $399USd
    = 2399Dkr....
    A bit the same here, but only with 2x 24". My desk was big enough for
    such two, but after having set up my audio recording system with
    record-player, mixer, MC deck + my stack of external harddisks etc., -
    there was only left so much that the 28" could be placed right in the
    middle. My HP monitor is in a similar setup in another room, so I just
    can go from one set to the other while working with audio recording and

    Cheers, Erik Richard

    Erik Richard Sørensen, Member of ADC, <>
    NisusWriter - The Future In Multilingual Text Processing - - The Modern Productivity Solution -
    Erik Richard Sørensen, Oct 27, 2010
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