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Discussion in 'Video Hardware' started by Henry, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. Henry

    Henry Guest

    OK, first I'll admit that this is not exactly a mac.hardware problem but
    there doesn't appear to be a usenet group for general-purpose monitor or
    display issues, so let me try my luck here.

    I've got a 21" Samsung SyncMaster (214T) with which, when it worked
    properly, I was completely happy. Trouble is, it's only four years old
    and now it's giving me grief. It is set up as the second monitor for my
    24" iMac.

    It started a few months ago with a brief 'fluttering' when switched on,
    which quickly smoothed out into a normal display. Eventually it started
    taking longer and longer at power-up for the screen to brighten, and the
    fluttering got worse and worse -- to the point that it never stopped.
    Then, after a few weeks of that, the fluttering stopped but now the
    screen is only about 20% as bright as it should be (even with the
    brightness control up to 100). Windows, dialogue boxes, etc. are visible
    but only marginally useful and oftentimes the mouse-cursor is very hard
    to see.

    There were no changes to the system configuration just before the
    trouble started and all cables / connections have been double-triple
    checked. This monitor has both DVI and VGA inputs but the symptoms are
    the same either way. I have also tried it, both analog and digital, with
    two other Macs. No joy.

    This little beauty wasn't exactly cheap and I'm quite disappointed to
    have these problems after such a comparatively short lifetime. And what
    I'm really afraid of is that in this day and age any repair would be
    prohibitively expensive.

    I would be grateful for any insights as to what might be causing these
    symptoms and any prognosis as to which part(s) would need to be replaced
    in order to fix it (at whatever estimated cost?).

    Thanks in advance.


    Henry, Jan 31, 2010
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