Mach-o callback to cfm function

Discussion in 'Programmer Misc' started by Jeff Flinn, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Jeff Flinn

    Jeff Flinn Guest

    I'm trying to knit together a legacy Codewarrior CFM application with
    XCode Mach-o dll. I've used the approach described by mac support and on
    various forums. The approach described uses:

    UInt32 gluetab[6] = {0x3D800000, 0x618C0000, 0x800C0000, 0x804C0004,
    0x7C0903A6, 0x4E800420};

    static void *MachOPtrVoid (void *cfmfp)
    UInt32 *mfp = (UInt32*) NewPtr( sizeof(gluetab)); // Must later
    dispose of allocated memory
    mfp[0] = gluetab[0] | ((UInt32)cfmfp >> 16);
    mfp[1] = gluetab[1] | ((UInt32)cfmfp & 0xFFFF);
    mfp[2] = gluetab[2];
    mfp[3] = gluetab[3];
    mfp[4] = gluetab[4];
    mfp[5] = gluetab[5];
    MakeDataExecutable (mfp, sizeof(gluetab));
    return( mfp );

    I'm trying to avoid the heap allocation, and to use a more encapsulated
    approach such as:

    struct MachOFunctionPointer
    MachOFunctionPointer(void* cfmProcPtr)
    : m0(0x3D800000 | ((UInt32)cfmProcPtr >> 16))
    , m1(0x618C0000 | ((UInt32)cfmProcPtr & 0xFFFF))
    , m2(0x800C0000)
    , m3(0x804C0004)
    , m4(0x7C0903A6)
    , m5(0x4E800420)
    MakeDataExecutable(this, sizeof(this));

    UInt32 m0;
    UInt32 m1;
    UInt32 m2;
    UInt32 m3;
    UInt32 m4;
    UInt32 m5;

    constructing an instance on the stack:

    MachOFunctionPointer moFncPtr(some_cfm_fnc);

    This leads to spurious crashes of the legacy codewarrior app, which I
    can't debug because the code warrior debugger won't run on mac intel

    If I pad the above struct at the end to 32 bytes, there are no crashes.
    I'm conjecturing that when allocating the former array, that the
    allocator is actually allocating to the next power-of-2 size which is 32
    bytes. I've tried using CodeWarrior #pragmas to set alignment and
    packing, but this doesn't seem to fix the problem.

    Any thoughts on this topic are appreciated.

    Thanks, Jeff
    Jeff Flinn, Sep 30, 2010
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