Mac Mini fails to display on plasma (VGA)

Discussion in 'Video Hardware' started by Usual Suspect, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. Mac Intel Mini, when connected to plasma display's component (5xBNC) input,
    displays fine. The cable used is a DVI-to-component adapter cable.

    When the same Mac is connected to the plasma's VGA input (using DVI-VGA
    adapter cable), the display shows:

    "Signal too fast
    h: 18KHz
    v: 75Hz"
    (I might be a bit off on the numbers -- working from memory late at night...)

    The display has configuration menus, but parameter settings are available in
    the menus only when an acceptable (within range) signal is being displayed.

    I tried setting the Mac's monitor settings to the basic 600x800 resolution,
    but this didn't change the results.


    Usual Suspect, Feb 4, 2009
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  2. Usual Suspect

    Doc O'Leary Guest

    Instead of messing with the resolution, try turning down the Mac's
    refresh rate to 60Hz.
    Doc O'Leary, Feb 4, 2009
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  3. Instead of messing with the resolution, try turning down the Mac's
    Sorry I didn't include that in my description: it is/was set to 60 Hz.

    That's the core of the mystery: why it is reported as being other than 60

    When I disconnect the cable from the display, no reports of being

    Mac Intel Mini 1.83 GHz / 2 GB / 230 GB
    OS X 10.5.6

    Usual Suspect, Feb 4, 2009
  4. If it says "too fast" why change the resolution and leave
    the refresh rate unchanged?

    PS: is NOT chartered for discussion of computer
    monitors and graphics cards. It is about non-linear editing (NLE) of
    Richard Crowley, Feb 4, 2009
  5. What does your TV's manual say about VGA settings when connected to a
    Phil Stripling, Feb 4, 2009
  6. Try connecting a regular VGA monitor and then change the settings.

    Doh! Thanks for the idea...
    Usual Suspect, Feb 4, 2009
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