Losing link with new wireless keyboard

Discussion in 'Misc' started by RonTheGuy, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. RonTheGuy

    RonTheGuy Guest

    Just bought a refurb iMac. The Mac occasionally loses communication with
    the included wireless keyboard and gets it back a few seconds later;
    this happened 3 or 4 times yesterday within a few hours. Battery level
    reads 100%. Is this a common problem?

    Ron, the humblest guy in town
    RonTheGuy, Oct 18, 2011
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  2. RonTheGuy

    Chris Schram Guest

    We've got two iMacs here, one with a Bluetooth keyboard and wired
    trackball, the other with a wired keyboard and a Magic Trackpad. Neither
    loses connection until the battery level is quite low.

    Get thee hence to your nearest Genius Bar. Something is wonky in your
    Chris Schram, Oct 18, 2011
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