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Discussion in 'UK Macs' started by Larry Stoter, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Larry Stoter

    Larry Stoter Guest

    Anyone familiar with Keynote?

    There is an option for text boxes for automatically shrinking text,
    depending on box size ...

    .... except, it doesn't seem to work properly.

    In most cases, it doesn't seem possible to toggle this control.

    Adding a new text box, the control isn't available (present but greyed
    out), and the box defaults to shrinking the text with box size.

    The same with text boxes added to the master slides of new presentations
    and new templates.

    With text boxes on presentations imported from powerpoint, the control
    also isn't available but the text size is fixed.

    With built in themes, the control can be toggled for text boxes present
    in the master slides but not for new text boxes.

    All I want is to be able to toggle the control for any text box ....

    I have checked the help files and Apple support but there are no clear

    Am I missing something?

    Or have Apple just decided to implement this capability in a really
    weird way?


    Larry Stoter, Dec 12, 2011
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  2. Larry Stoter

    Larry Stoter Guest

    And another thing ....

    This odd behaviour seems to correlate with whether the rotate control is
    available or not for the text box.

    If 'automatically shrink text' is not available then 'rotate' is and
    vice versa.

    There seem to be two types of text box but I can't discover how to
    create on the type which allows auto shrink to be toggled ....

    Larry Stoter, Dec 12, 2011
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  3. Larry Stoter

    Patrick M. New Member

    Oct 17, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Well, resurrecting a six-year-old post doesn't seem like the most most auspicious way to start posting here, but since I can't find an answer or explanation anywhere, I figure I'd share what I learned.

    Ever since they made the switch from Keynote '09 to the newer versions, I have been baffled by some of the steps backward that they took from the formerly intuitive design of the interface. Because they made things appear and disappear contextually, it is sometimes quite hard to find them when they are disabled.

    The auto-shrink text feature was one of the features affected by this.

    I had noticed that when you create a standard "Title and Bullets" slide, the "Shrink Text to Fit" option was available and toggle-able when you accessed the Inspector, Format button, Text tab, Layout button (Between the Column information and Text Inset. I know, it's well-hidden). But with standard text boxes, it doesn't even show up. If I wanted to disable the feature, that was well and good, but if I want to add it back in, well, that didn't seem to be possible.

    After reading the comments above about two types of text box, it hit me that the problem might be that the standard text box is not editable. In other words, when you create a standard text box, you will notice it only has little handles (boxes, really) on the right and left, not all four corners and middles. The standard "Title and Bullets" bullets text box has the extra handles.

    I tested my theory, and voilá—problem solved!

    Here's what worked:

    1. Create a standard text box (Insert > Text Box, or by clicking the button for it in the Toolbar).
    2. Select the text box. (Notice it only has two handles? Notice in the Inspector that there is no choice to "Shrink Text to Fit"?)
    3. Now make it editable (Format > Shapes and Lines > Make Editable). It will create red and white selectable handles on the four corners, but you don't need to mess with them.
    4. Click off the editable text box (anywhere on the screen).
    5. Select it again, and now you will notice that the option to "Shrink Text to Fit" has magically appeared in the Inspector. You can now select the option, and text will automatically shrink or grow as you resize the box.

    I hope this helps!
    Patrick M., Oct 17, 2017
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