Is the Apple iSight camera gone forever?

Discussion in 'Video Hardware' started by hassiman, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. hassiman

    hassiman Guest

    I was wondering if the iSight camera was dropped for good or was just
    being upgraded. They are no longer available anywhere... dropped at
    the beginning of december. If Apple was just imtroducing a new model
    then I would assume that they would not have deleted ALL stock and not
    announced a replacement.

    Maybe they have just ceeded this market segment to Logitech.

    Anyone heard anything?
    hassiman, Jan 13, 2007
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  2. hassiman

    David C. Guest

    Apple isn't talking.

    The rumor mill says that this is because of European "ROHS" laws
    prohibiting devices with toxic substances (like the lead in solder and
    other things) and Apple has not yet produced a new iSight that can

    Will a new model come out? I hope so, but this is really unknown right
    now. All Mac laptops, and the iMac, now ship with built-in cameras.
    Maybe Apple feels that there isn't enough profit remaining in designing
    a new iSight, just to sell to owners of Mac mini, Mac Pro, and legacy

    -- David
    David C., Jan 14, 2007
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  3. hassiman

    Tim Murray Guest

    If you happen to need one after all this time, I have had manufactured a
    threaded steel disk that enables you to mount your iSight to a threaded
    tripod sled. You can affix the Apple plastic mount to the disk and the disk
    to the sled; or you can use the disk alone and attach the iSight magnetic

    I have them for sale at eBay item 160404303393, with several photos of
    various configurations. Its brutally simple design affords many applications.
    And for those who care, I could have had them made in China for cheap, but
    used a small Midwest machine shop instead.
    Tim Murray, Mar 20, 2010
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