iChatAV: SIP to non-SIP?

Discussion in 'Communication' started by Ian McCall, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. Ian McCall

    Ian McCall Guest


    I'm having an odd problem trying to talk in iChat. Audio works without
    trouble for the majority of my contacts, but for one it does not. He has
    problems getting audio to work with others too, but mystically he is able to
    speak to one of his contacts without trouble.

    Now, I know the router he's using doesn't support SIP. However, he's only
    got the one machine connected behind this router and the fact he can
    sometimes get audio going is really throwing me. I'd have thought it either
    failed all the time or worked all the time, right? But apparently not.

    Any clues?

    Ian McCall, Jun 7, 2004
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  2. Ian McCall

    Bob Harris Guest

    Is this audio trouble when trying to do a video chat, or is there always
    audio problems even when no video is attempted (audio only connection)?

    When I have had trouble with audio, it has generally been in conjunction
    with a video chat AND when the uplink speed on either the local or
    remote system was not able to send enough bits per second. If the
    uplink speed is not at least 128Kbit/sec (or real close to that), then
    it seems that iChat AV will favor the video over the audio and besides a
    choppy video signal, one side, the other, or both will not have audio.

    This has happened when the Cable (or DSL) provider has had network
    problems that have limited the uplink bandwidth to below 100Kbits/sec,
    or the more common problem has been another computer on the home network
    that is consuming all the bandwidth doing some heavy duty uploading (my
    brother-in-law's PC was infected with one of those viruses and it was
    sharing the home network with my Mom's iMac; it was sending out a
    constant stream of stuff such that we were lucky if my Mom could get
    50Kbits/sec as measured at DSLReports.com. Until my brother-in-lawl get
    rid of that system, we would just unplug it from the network when he was
    not using it).

    Now if your problem is audio without video, then Cable/DSL routers are
    cheap (assuming you are using an in expensive Cable/DSL router). Just
    replace it. I know that my Mom's D-Link Cable/DSL router works OK. And
    of course the Airport base station my brother and I use work fine as
    well. Apple even has a list of routers that are known to work with
    iChat AV http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=93333 and while
    this is not a exclusive list, it is a starting point. Plus I'm sure you
    could get recommendations from others in this news group.

    Bob Harris
    Bob Harris, Jun 8, 2004
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