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Discussion in 'Misc' started by Mulder, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Mulder

    Mulder Guest

    I have some PostScript Type 1 fonts for sale at half price to what
    you'd pay if you bought them directly from the foundry. These were
    originally on 800k floppy disks, but I will provide them in a digital
    format so you can store them "in the cloud" or on another backup
    drive; or on a CD if you pay additional for that. Here's what I have:

    Monotype I have 2 sets of each Monotype font family listed below.
    Perpetua Roman - $50 for the Perpetua family of 4 fonts
    Perpetua Italic
    Perpetua Bold
    Perpetua Bold Italic

    Perpetua Expert Roman - $52 for the Perpetua Expert family of 4 fonts.
    Perpetua Expert Italic
    Perpetua Expert Bold
    Perpetua Expert Bold Italic

    Photina $116 - $58 for the Photina family of 4 fonts.
    Photina Italic
    Photina Bold
    Photina Bold Italic

    Rockwell Light - $75 for the Rockwell family of 6 fonts.
    Rockwell Light Italic
    Rockwell Medium
    Rockwell Medium Italic
    Rockwell Bold
    Rockwell Bold Italic

    Joanna - $58 for the Joanna family of 4 fonts.
    Joanna Italic
    Joanna Bold
    Joanna Bold Italic

    Bitstream - $75 for the set of 6 fonts.
    Bank Gothic Light
    Bank Gothic Medium
    Shelley Allegro
    Zurich Extra Condensed
    Zurich Light Extra Condensed
    Zurich Bold Extra Condensed

    Caslon 540 Roman - $83 for the set of 6 fonts.
    Caslon 540 Italic
    ITC Berkeley Oldstyle Book
    ITC Berkeley Oldstyle Book Italic
    ITC Berkeley Oldstyle Bold
    ITC Berkeley Oldstyle Bold Italic

    ITC Garamond Light Condensed - $88 for the set of 6 fonts.
    ITC Garamond Light Condensed Italic
    ITC Garamond Book Condensed
    ITC Garamond Book Condensed Italic
    ITC Garamond Bold Condensed
    ITC Garamond Bold Condensed Italic

    Humanist 521 Roman (Bitstream version of Gill Sans) - $60 for the set
    of 4 fonts.
    Humanist 521 Italic
    Humanist 521 Bold
    Humanist 521 Bold Italic

    You're saving 50% on the highest quality PostScript Type 1 fonts for
    Macintosh, which you can't get at these prices from the type foundry.
    If you're a design student, or just a type aficionado that needs some
    fonts and doesn't have a fortune to spend, here's your chance to save
    a lot. For those who are unfamiliar with any of these fonts, go to
    myfonts.com to see all these fonts and their current prices; you'll
    quickly realize how good a deal this is, but it's only good until
    someone else buys them.
    Mulder, Dec 1, 2011
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