Conflict: iTunes vs DVD burning software

Mar 22, 2008
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I noticed some sort of "conflict" between iTunes' CD-burning function and the built-in Mac DVD-burning software:

I'm using an eMac running OS 10.4.11. Recently, I used iTunes (7.6.2) to burn an audio disc. A few days later, I burned some backup files onto a blank DVD, using the Mac's "built-in" burning software. I noticed the program did not automatically verify the finished disc, as is usually the case, so I visually inspected its contents on the screen. Everything looked OK, but when I re-inserted the disc later, it read as a blank disc. All my data was gone!

I ran DiskUtility to check the DVD, and it said the DVD could not be unmounted. I then noticed the disc would not eject. Using DiskUtility again, I repaired the Permissions on my eMac, closed the program, then restarted the computer. When I checked the DVD again, the data was there. Just to be safe, however, I copied it back to my computer so I can burn another copy later.

I burned another DVD using different data, and it turned out OK, and I was able to eject the disc without difficulty. Everything has been OK since.


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