Concerns Security Risk after hacking about networking windows computer to my iMac

Jun 28, 2018
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I have a small business that was recently hacked by the Microsoft I wanna cry virus on my network through my MB 365 business premium account,I lost everything had to completely start over move locations everything. Stole thousands of dollars, they continue to hound me. I cannot keep a cell phone or feel safe on any windows computer that runs microsoft and google.
Here is my delimma I have to have windows to run some download programs, I decided not to put on my iMac which I just purchased and so far is secure. So I picked up a Levono computer to run the download programs, its still in the box.
If the hacker can pick me up at a library, how can I stop him from picking me up again on my windows computer and stop him from getting on my mac. This hacker is a Microsoft developer I found out. All my other computers, even the brand new ones I purchased are now door stops from the other location. He infects the mother boards with encripted files.
I have webroot business security, all types of firewalls, security is so tight, but as soon as I turn on a new computer he usually has it hacked in within 3 minutes before the windows screen comes up. I have paid every computer IT person and they said I was ......
So I thought maybe I can connect my windows computer and disconnect my mac run the downloads then disconnect the windows comp & reconnect the mac and get the down loads without getting my mac infected? If this works how do I get the files from the download on the windows computer to the mac. Sorry for the long story but I thought I had to explain a little this is NOT a simple little virus infection or malware. Everybody I spoke with said they have never seen anything this severe before. He even reinfected my network again over my VOIP phones when I answered them. The IT person said he could if I picked up the phone so always let it go to voice mail.
Please help desperate to save my business and last chance!!!


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