Asking again: Recommended small projector?

Discussion in 'Video Hardware' started by AES, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. AES

    AES Guest

    Anyone willing to offer informed recommendations for specific current
    models of a modest-price "personal" LCD or DLP projector, for projecting
    primarily slides and PowerPoint presentations directly from a MacBook,
    in conference room type settings?

    [The problem is, there are so many models, I don't know where to start.)

    Price range? Say $500, maybe up to $700.

    Small enough to be "tote-able" in its own case; doesn't have to go into
    a briefcase.

    As noted, to be used mostly for PDF slides, simple animations, an
    occasional video or live web page; but not a home theater quality unit
    or for use in gaming (in fact, sound or built-in speakers not essential).

    Old-fashion 4/3 ratio will be fine. At least VGA resolution, but SVGA,
    XGA, WXGA preferable.

    Emphasis on reliability, medium brightness, not too horrible fan noise.

    I gather the new pico-projectors are not yet ready for prime time --
    unless the most recent versions have gotten a lot better?
    AES, Sep 29, 2009
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