Apple TV Question

Discussion in 'Video Hardware' started by Otto Pylot, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. Otto Pylot

    Otto Pylot Guest

    I was given a new Apple TV for Christmas. Unfortunately, our HDTV is an
    older model so it only has a single DVI input which is used by the HDTV
    STB tuner. We will be getting a new LCD tv later in the year but I'd
    like to play around with the ATV a bit now. Is there an HDMI to
    S-video/audio converter box that will work? Thanks.

    Deja Moo: I've seen this bullshit before.

    My address has been anti-spammed.
    Please reply to: replacing invalid with sonic.
    Otto Pylot, Dec 31, 2010
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  2. Otto Pylot

    Tim Lance Guest

    On Fri, 31 Dec 2010 00:07:02 -0600, Jolly Roger wrote
    (in article <>):

    > Please do not multi-post. If you send the same message to multiple news
    > groups separately, it forces the rest of us to download your message
    > multiple times. Also, it means if someone replies to one of your posts
    > in one news group, the other places you posted the message will not see
    > that reply! This is known as "multi-posting", and is generally regarded
    > as inconsiderate.
    > If you want to post the same message to multiple news groups, please
    > include all of the news groups, separated by commas, in the "Newsgroups"
    > line of a single post, like so:
    > Newsgroups: comp.sys.mac.system,comp.sys.mac.apps
    > This way the message is simultaneously posted to all specified news
    > groups. More importantly, when someone replies to your message in one
    > group, that reply is automatically sent in all other news groups to
    > which you sent the post! This allows all involved to see the entire
    > conversation, no matter which news group from which they access your
    > post. This is called "cross-posting" and is the proper way to do it.

    Or, since you have Thoth, in your groups window hold command key while
    clicking wanted groups and then start new message.


    Tim Lance, Dec 31, 2010
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