[ANNOUNCE] Jun for Java (Jun705)

Discussion in 'Graphics' started by nisinaka@sra.co.jp, Aug 28, 2008.

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    We have released a new version, 705, of "Jun for Java".

    The major changes since the version 701 includes:

    * (modification) JunOpenGLStereoDisplayModel is updated to
    Jun705. Override the default projection and the default

    * (new feature) JunInternetConnectionDialog is a class for
    showing a dialog for setting an HTTP proxy.


    * (new feature) JunPrintPreview is a class for printing a multi-
    poster. You can specify a scale or number of pages to fit,
    and pages to print by clicking preview images.
    shows a dialog for previewing and setting a print job with


    * (bug fix) JunFileNavigator may show invalid directory on
    the left pane.

    You can download "Jun for Java" from the following URL.


    Jun is a framework for developing 3D graphic multimedia
    applications provided as an Open Source Software at NO COST.
    Please refer to the following URL for more information about
    "Jun for Java".


    Best regards,
    Yosh Nishinaka ()
    , Aug 28, 2008
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