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    Quickbooks for Mac

    I am planning on buying a new Mac for my video business- time to go 4K! I also need to run a few other applications, including Quickbooks. My accountant tells me QB on the Mac is problematic; especially if I need to send her my QB file when it comes time for her to do her magic. She's on a PC...
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    Keyboard going crazy

    I have a MacPro laptop, running OS 10.9.4. Last couple days the keyboard has been acting up. repeating letters, inserting new letters. But not all the time. Seems like its getting more frequent. What can I do to solve this issue?
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    Red light on Xserve Raid

    I am running OS 10.4.11 The drives do mount on the G5 I am connecting to the Xraid via fiber channel card. The read light is the first one on the left of the four; looks like power. See attached pic
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    Red light on Xserve Raid

    Hi: I have an older G5 with a 2.5tb Xserve Raid. It's been flawless for years. Thunderstorm last night seemed to get past the UPS and shut the system off for a sec. When I powered back up, an alarm was sounding on the front of the raid, and a red light was on. It's all working fine, but...
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    Old Mac frozen

    Hi: I have an older G5, running OS 10.6. I keep there because I use it for Final Cut Pro 6. This version allows me to edit old BetaCam footage that the new versions don't support. Today, it froze while rending a file in FCP, and I had to restart it. But restart it isnt working. It boots...