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    Magic mouse issue

    So happy to read that beachnanna!
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    Saving docs in Word for Mac

    Try clicking on the disclosure triangle that I have placed the red box over, you should then be able to navigate to the folder you wish to save the file in ...
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    Password Managers

    About LastPass, I've been using LastPass for several years & only upgraded to the paid version when I started using LastPass on my iPhone & saw that it had less features that the desktop Safari extension. I can't remember exactly what was missing but it was essential & I would have stopped using...
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    Hello fellow Mac users

    Hi, welcome :)
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    Newbie here ! Morning !

    Hello, welcome aboard :)
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    Mac newbie here to ask about the ins and outs of buying and using Mac products

    Hello drewseedot, welcome to the forums :)
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    Scripts to run in bash/terminal

    Hi almostthere, welcome to the forums :)
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    Possible Scam??

    Hi Frank T, welcome to the forums :)
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    Mojave has banjoed my HD, can I get the files?

    Regarding the image you uploaded, if you can see the Mojave drive on your Desktop, (I too have a small partition that is running Mojave & the drive is visible for me when I boot back into my High Sierra drive) Control click it & choose "Get Info" then down the bottom check the box "Ignore...
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    Pop-up "Facebook password required"

    I've just removed my Facebook account from System Preferences ~>Internet Accounts & I will report my findings over the next couple of weeks.
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    Mac mini cannot see my Seagate external drive?

    Do you have a different user account on your Mac Mini that you can log into to see if the drive shows up in Finder? I know it's a long shot but hey ... Has your Mac Mini ever recognised & showed the drive in Finder? Does the drive appear under Devices in the left column of a Finder window...
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    Pop-up "Facebook password required"

    That's so weird the exact same thing happened to me just then & has been happening with set regularity. I always just dismiss it because I am already logged into my internet accounts and am not experiencing any issues. It actually happened yesterday & instead of dismissing it I entered my...
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    Share contact

    Try exporting it to your Desktop then adding as an attachment to your email.
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    Mac mini cannot see my Seagate external drive?

    It likely would have been the Seagate Ext Drive Diagnostic Tool: Seagate Dashboard For Mac OS Look in the Downloads section on the left side of the window ... clicking the link will automatically download the installer.dmg to your Mac.
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    Safari Problem

    Has the Safari issue resolved itself? To create a new account: how to create a standard user account mac