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    iPad Siri won’t respond

    Thanks Cory for your response. I did go to assistive touch for home button, so probably not the problem there. WiFi checked good on my iPhone, as well as other iPad. Called internet provider, they told me router(new) was not problem, go call apple they said, not gonna go there after warranty...
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    iPad Siri won’t respond

    I am trying to introduce apple to a 78 year old . I happen to have an iPad Air 2 with cell that was lying around so I took it to his place so he could use it. I reset it to new condition and did the initial setup for him. For some reason, the touch screen required a very firm touch to operate...
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    7+ Bluetooth wont connect

    i am trying to Bluetooth connect new iPhone 7+ to MacBook Pro and iPad Air 2,. It doesn't stay connected more than a few seconds to MacBook and does not show iPad at all. Tried multiple times to pair phone, restart etc, no luck. Any ideas?
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    Attn oldscribe & kaveman :)

    because of you all, I have grow into an old nerd because you made learning these mac's more enjoyable. Thanks a bunch
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    App will not close down on App Store

    had the same problem and turned off the power and it rest itself
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    Locking the screen slide feature

    your best bet mat be to google how to child-proof your ipad. the article is good. I lovvvve my iPad air. And whoever said it is all most people need in computing was absolutely right on.
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    the only error is me, but!

    thank you , thank you , thank you! Some how I just knew the answer to my problems was only a click away. you people are great, and I'm sure I'll be back.
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    the only error is me, but!

    hello, Not only do I not have the knowledge to operate this very nice computer, It took me 15 min. to figure out where to type a question. :o Anyway I do have a problem that I created here, and would appreciate any help. I have been looking thru some threads and you seem like a really nice group...