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    Decent file manager like Directory Opus?

    When importing into can tell it to leave the files where they are... ie "Do not Import Files into the Aperture Library"
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    Remote Help !

    ...try again ! ;-)
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    Private messaging

    Unfortunately the Private messaging feature on has had to be turned off due to spam/spammers.... ...Once we have a fix it will go back on. cheers Ric
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    A Very Sad Day

    I couldn't agree more, such a sad day ! Condolences to Steve's family and friends. Thanks for everything.
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    Error 500: Internal Server Error

    test reply....
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    [SOLVED] MacBook Air and video/audio output : does anyone care?

    It's just been a bit quite round here... but hopefully things are getting back to normal !
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    Your views on running older OS

    Hi LynneB, does it do what you want it to do ? does it do what you want it to do at a reasonable speed? If it does, then why upgrade, spend the money on something different ! Personally I have to upgrade as the Applications I use get bigger...the files I use get bigger and normally after 2...
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    Email address as username !!!!

    If anyone has registered with their email address as there username and would like it changing...please email me directly and I'll change it for you. Please email me your current username and the username you would like it changing to...then within 24 hours just login using the new username...
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    HELP battery will hold NO charge

    I'm afraid it's time to buy a new one !
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    Accidentally merged layers in Photoshop.

    Hi there, do you have time machine running on your Mac? regards Ric
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    USB not recognizing blackberry on 2007 Macbook

    Hi there and welcome, what version of Blackberry desktop do you have ? I had a similar problem with my bold...the USB cable wouldn't charge it. After updating to version 2.0.0 build 65 my bold now works. Ric
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    Static IP and Port Forwarding?

    Hi there and welcome, please post what model router you have... I'll post you some instructions tomorrow... regards Ric
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    Can I set up different users??

    Hi there and welcome, System Preferences-->Accounts then click on the + Set up as many as you want. regards Ric
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    Greenman can't access the arcade

    ...some of us have man flu and are currently unwell ! What error message is it giving you ? I have just banned you from the arcade...and then reset just in case it was a permission problem... nothing has changed on the server? Have you updated anything recently?
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    [SOLVED] MS Word 08 won't open - help!

    Re: MS Word 08 won't open - help! Hi there and welcome, have you recently installed any new fonts? It sounds like one is corrupt, you could try removing the prefs files first. Go to your home folder>Library>Preferences>Microsoft. Trash the files: Office Font Cache and Word Font Substitutes...