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    How to turn off laptop screen when connected to Monitor

    Hi All, I have connected my Powerbook 1400c to an Apple 15" Multisync AV Monitor. Runs well, but I can't close the laptop without turning off the Monitor also. Is there some setting I can user to do that? Much appreciated. Brad Hansen
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    Performa 6200 needs an ethernet card

    Cory, Thanks so much, I will keep my eyes open. Brad Hansen
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    Performa 6200 needs an ethernet card

    Hi all, Been a while, just got a Mac Performa 6200CD with 64 mgs of ram, running OS 8, quite nicely. There are a few ethernet cards for sale on eBay but none identify the Mac models they function on. Can anyone tell me what card I need or point me to a web site that could tell me that...
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    Trouble shooting MacBook core duo A1181

    Hi Cory, I did try that no luck...
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    Trouble shooting MacBook core duo A1181

    My MacBook is completely dead, I can not try any of your suggestions because my computer shows no life. I own many different Macs, but that’s an irrelevant question.
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    Trouble shooting MacBook core duo A1181

    Hi all, I have a 2006 MacBook Core Duo that will not start up. 6 months ago it had a problem of Shuting itself down. So I bought a new cheap battery for it and that solved the problem. Now it will not power on, battery in (lights up as charged) or battery out power connected or not. All that...
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    Macintosh HD Locked?

    Hi all, while trying to make some changes on my PowerBook 1400c I found the my Macintosh HD drive is locked. And I can find no way to unlock it, or why it's locked or how it became locked. Is there someone out there who could help me on this issue? I am running MacOS 9. Thank you Brad Hansen
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    What OS for my PowerBook 1400c?

    Hi All, since I am struggling mightily to get software to run on my powerbook 1400c the question arises. Which version of Mac OS should I be running on my Mac. The System is a PowerPC 603e running at 117mhz, it has 32mgs of ram installed and Virtual ram is set at 32mgs. I am using a 1 gig hard...
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    Two Questions about early web browsers

    Hi All, Since 3 of the last 4 queries on this forum are from me. I can only surmise that no one is even visiting here. But here goes anyway: Working with Wannabe PPC, very fast text browser, that part is wonderful. But how can I get into edit mode when I want to login to a page (like this one)...
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    Appletalk will not turn on when using PCMCIA ethernet card on my PowerBook 1400c?

    Cooper, sorry for the long delay. I am running Mac OS 9.1
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    Mac PowerBook 1400 hangs on desktop display (my bad)

    Thanks for always trying to help. In the end I just reformatted the drive and did a new Install.
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    Mac PowerBook 1400 hangs on desktop display (my bad)

    Hi all, everyone here is always very supporting when I (always) post issues. And I am very much appreciative of that, thank you all. So I loaded a number of 9.2.2 desktop images on my 9.1 Powerbook 1400. I switched to one of them and it loaded, but the next time I restarted my Mac the computer...
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    Replacement fan for MAC SE

    Hi All, I purchased a SlienX fan and will attempt to install it today.