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    Things that annoy you...

    I will be glad to send you some of our rain that we have here in the Virginia Beach area. It's been raining heavily everyday for the last 2 to 3 weeks with a lot more rain ahead for the next week. We have down trees, roads closed, flooding in houses.
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    Things that annoy you...

    Yes, we have seen enough rain here this season. Just a day before and every time it rains, I'm at the age I feel every joint in my body ache.
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    Password Managers

    I've been using LastPass (Free) for about 2 years now on the Mac and PC. It works fine for me and my needs. :)
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    Things that annoy you...

    Distracted Driving. About 70% of the people I see driving are either talking or texting on the phone. Just yesterday I see a man on a bicycle going down the road texting. About 3 years ago while I was stopped at a red light in my new SUV that had less then 3,000 miles on it, a teenager rear...
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    Am I the only one who uses Safari over chrome and firefox?

    I use Safari for my financial work on the computer. Firefox is my main browser because of the extensions and is faster than Safari.
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    Things that you like...

    I like being Retired Twice and spending them Retirement Checks (Military & Social Security) :D
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    Things that annoy you...

    Screaming kids in a restaurant, store or public place while their parents are standing there not disciplining them. Parents letting their children run wild (disruptive) in public places. The blame is on the parents for this action.
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    Things that annoy you...

    Professional Truck Drivers (and others) not using turn signals before changing lanes or turning. Professional Truck Drivers (and others) not turning on headlights in inclement weather.
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    New Mac User

    Hello Forum Members. I've been a Windows guy since my first computer many, many years ago. Three months ago I bought my first Apple computer, 27" Mac. Got fed up with all the drama with Microsoft. I needed a 27" since I'm getting kind of old and the eye sight is not the same as it use to be. In...