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    Screen display ( distorted and double vision lines on start up (imac 2006 20" NZ)

    Hi, Possibley your GPU has failed.:(
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    Merry Christmas.

    And best wishes to all for a great new year 2020:)
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    Catalina's Music app doesn't store my radio station

    Hi, Works for me via song menu - add to playlist as my screen shot. But first create a new playlist of your choice and then add a station to it. I just call mine radio.
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    Update woes

    Hi, How old is the Mac, and have you tried using the built-in Mac OS recovery system? If not have a look here to save me writing a long post.
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    Update woes

    Hi, Have you tried a restart in Safe Mode and run disk utility’s first aid?
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    OS X Mail Application Not Showing ANY Windows After Long Load Time

    Hi, Sorry that did not help, did you find anything with Activity Monitor?
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    Format not supported

    Hi, It is not the FAT32 file system that your Mac can't read, but the video format. So simple question what file format are the vid's this camera produces? Yup seems fine on the iPhone and iPad. I found this and the image shows you would need the XDV app here for WiFi connection...
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    Format not supported

    Hi, Personally I would buy a new cheap low MB card any of the following are good. Samsung Evo Plus microSD card Samsung Pro+ microSD card SanDisk Extreme Plus microSD card Lexar 1000x microSD card Samsung Evo Select microSD card SanDisk Ultra microSD Kingston microSD Action Camera Then no...
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    OS X Mail Application Not Showing ANY Windows After Long Load Time

    Hi, The other thing I would do is run Activity Monitor, then open Mail. Now check AM for Hungary processes, as Somthing is hogging your resources. Manual reindexing can take a while first I would run a backup, and then here is a quick guide. First navigate to your hidden home Library folder...
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    OS X Mail Application Not Showing ANY Windows After Long Load Time

    Hi, Have you tried any of the following. 1) Deleting account and start again. 2) Rebuilding the mailbox. 2) Manual reindexing.
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    Format not supported

    Hi there, For the most part nowadays media manufacturers preformat there media using common block-and-cluster sizes that don’t approach the theoretical limits of a given file system. Most SD cards use the FAT32 file format, and preformatted FAT32 SD media is commonly available up to a capacity...
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    Format not supported

    Hi, As far as I know all USB sticks are FAT32 and read by the Mac fine. Does your Mac have a card reader?
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    Festive Holidays

    Hi, I just want to wish Ian, Cory Cooper Mods and all members a happy holiday season 2019 and 2020 new year.:cool::)
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    SOLVED Slow copy to flash drive.

    Hi, Yes Flash drives are defiantly not the best device as they are slow with file sizes like that. Personally I would recommend you use a 1or2 TB portable external hard drive, they are not expensive, and data transfer is extremely quick. Full system back up generally take 15/20 minuets for me.
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    Bouncing Rainbow Wheel

    Hi, First thing I would do is run Disk Utility to Repair Permission, and see what happens.