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    Depressed about my White iBook

    She's been sitting there for years now. On a shelf, closed, resting? Dieing? :'( The graphics card stopped connecting to the monitor at around the second year I owned her. I remember going into the Apple Store and the "Genius" guy showing me how to slowly massage the back of the iBook to get...
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    Dot Matrix Printers

    I remember why back in the 80's when I had an Amiga 500 and a Dot Matrix Printer. I loved the fact that I could print so many pages in black and white it was insane. I remember buying the paper cases of paper that were all attached to each other. I can't help but reminisce on how cost saving it...
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    Trying to put to use an old ADC Display (Monitor)

    Can the graphics card on an OLD mac be pulled from an old grey and blue g4 and drop it into a 2010 Mac Pro so that those old Mac Pro monitors can still be used? Otherwise, I think my only choice is to track down a DVI to ADC Adapter.
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    All in one Printers (Canon 920 in this case)

    Yes, the Fax PDF is the only option I see when doing so. I have tried doing the fax through the software packages, as well as made a PDF of the documents in advance. Here is a sample using a Text file of what I see.
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    All in one Printers (Canon 920 in this case)

    Hello Fellow MacFans, First, let me let you know. I am using Snow Leopard. I don't want to upgrade to Mavrick because I will loose the use of a few OLD programs that I use A LOT and are not compatible. The Mac is old and that will basically be the last upgrade I can do anyway, so I don't see a...