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    TYPES OF compact flash card readers

    I have a Macbook Pro Sierra and need a Compact Flash card reader and do not know which one to buy as there are so many different ones. My camera is a Canon 7D Mark 2. It also has a sd card slot
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    I tried to reload everything and now I have no titles on all my folders just dates
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    OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 Don't know as a programmer expert friend did it Don't know if this computer was using icloud . Have only just bought a new iphone 6s+ this year. I don't understand what is duplicated as have strange complement files in my ALL files folder on FINDER. Have a Time machine...
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    I have bought a new Macbook Air and in All MY FILES i seem to have duplications galore. When I delete it says I will remove it from iCloud. Do I need it in icloud and why is it going to icloud. How do I get rid of duplications????