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    Mail problem

    Tested what?!!
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    Mail problem

    Mail freezes when opened. The force quit option does not work.The beachball spins.Nothing helps except except pulling plug on the power.We removed mail from dock that allows other apps to work.How can I clear mail of all posts when it is not in the dock? OS is10.12.6 27" 2011,2.7i5,20GBDDR3...
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    iMac as oscilloscope?

    I was looking at small screen oscilloscopes and figured for all the room they took up in my small apartment it was a wast of space.Does any one know if there is a usb oscilloscope board (no screen) that can use the iMac as the display?
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    printing with canon ip100

    Cory. I'm using OS 10.12.4.apps are Google maps version 2 and Grab 1.9. Print dialogue box, what is that?Ink is ok.Thanks, John Munday
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    printing with canon ip100

    Is there a way of controlling the color or contrast of colored pages to make them easier to view. I'm specifically concerned about maps and diagrams that are "washed out".Thanks all,John Munday
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    Circuit and board diagrams (apple schematics)

    Where can I find circuit board diagrams for iMac power supply and logic boards,specificly 2006 white 24"core duo,2008 pre unibody 15" 2.4 ghz MBP and early 2011 27" i5 2.7 ghz. Thanks all , John Munday
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    To hybrid or not to hybrid a 2011imac?

    I was just thinking about replacing the 1TB hdd with a 2TB seagate SSHDD and also putting in a 120GB SSD in the area under the optical drive.It is a 2011 2.7Ghz core i5 iMac with 20GB ram running OS 10.8.5.This is a 27" so there should be plenty of room in the case. Welcome all opinions. John
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    trackpads unwanted selection (blue lines over script)

    Hi there. Dose anyone have this problem with a 2007/2008 15" MacBook Pro?After a few minuets of powering up,the trackpad cursor selects randomly everything it comes near thats clickable or scrollable.It is either a blue block line across the script or a larger block covering several lines...
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    Upgrading a 2008 2.4Ghz MacBook Pro (pre unibody)

    HI members of Mac Help. My questions are (1) if I take out the 2GB ram that came with the machine,replace with 6GB (4+2). (2) Replace the 160GB HDD with 1TB HDD hybrid or 260 GB SSD, which is a better choice, HDD,SSD or hybrid? Your opinions would be really helpful.With these changes do you...
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    Trackpad 2008 15"mbp way too "overactive"

    I have a overactive trackpad which seems to click onto random sections of the screen with sometimes light blue drop down menus or drags unwanted rectangular boxes which can be as big or small depending on when I double click to make it, (the box or icon) disappear.This is a pre unibody mbp...
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    macbook pro trackpad not responding

    Hi The battery might be expanding ,putting pressure on the underside of the trackpad.Thats what caused my2007 pre unibody track pad to stop working.