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    User Name

    We can't normally change usernames, unless it's for a new user or a spelling mistake (as there are consequences for doing do with quoted content, links, etc...). What did you want it changed to and I can see if it will be possible.
  2. Ian

    Forum Re-arrangement

    I've given the forum layout a little spring clean, as a lot of questions from new members were being posted in the introductions and off-topic sections, so I'm hoping that moving these further down will mean that threads appear in the correct categories more often. You may also have noticed new...
  3. Ian

    Apple Watch

    Hi @Howard Brazee, I've just added this new section now :).
  4. Ian

    Observe / remote into Mac at hotel

    Sorry, this isn't something that we can help with, as although you may feel justified doing this, it is likely illegal in many countries.
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    Hi Chris, welcome to the forums :)
  6. Ian

    Festive Holidays

    Same to you all! :). Here's to 2020 :D.
  7. Ian

    How To Delete Apps That Wont Delete

    I'm not sure how you expect us to be able to help without asking you questions? There's also no need to be rude to members trying to help you!
  8. Ian

    Great site.

    Welcome aboard @Blackthnder :). Really glad you like the site!
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    Hi @Sparrowhawk, welcome to Mac Help! :)
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    Hello all

    Welcome to the forums @Fonzo :D.
  11. Ian

    Backup photos from MacBook

    Hi Willie, welcome aboard :). I'm sure someone here will be able to help you - I've changed the title of your thread and moved it to the correct section to ensure you get a reply.
  12. Ian

    Apple Watch

    That's a good point, there isn't really a section for it at the moment. I'll have a think on how to word things, but perhaps I'll add an "other Apple hardware" section. For now, I'd stick it in the Off-Topic section:
  13. Ian


    There's free SSL from LetsEncrypt too - we use it on MacHelp and it's great :)
  14. Ian

    Buried treasure.

    It's been a while since I've seen those! I used to have that very same Verbatim pack on my desk about 20 years ago (doesn't seem that long ago!).
  15. Ian

    Forum Software Upgrade

    The new forum software does work a little differently in that regard, so what I'd recommend is to use the "what's new" button on the top menu, as that'll list everything that's unread. I use that button all the time to see new posts :).