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    What does your Desktop look like?

    Here's how mine looks like... :)
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    Who has pets?

    Back at home, we have a ragdoll, american longhair and a chow chow. My dad has another dog. I just don't know its breed. I just know that it is really huge like a St. Bernard but it's not such. Since I'm not at home, I really don't have pets of my own here. I just take care of two stray cats...
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    What kind of watch do you wear?

    I'm not a fan of watches. I use my phone as my source of knowing what time it is. However, my mom is a huge watch fanatic and likes the brand Citizen. I'm not really aware of it though.
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    What's your weather like ? (widget-picture)

    Clear 27°F -3°C Feels Like 27°F Humidity 86% Barometer 30.62 in. Dew Point 23°F Wind Calm Visibility 10SM Reported at Baltimore...
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    Things that you like...

    God-fearing people. Faithful. Honest. Loving. Sensitive to others.
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    The one word story !

    Once there was a scruffy little Monkey called Boom-Boom. He had purple hair that stuck to his forehead and his neck. One day he sneezed so hard that his eyes dried out and turned red. Regrettably, his doctor told him his retina was malfunctioning. He dreamed that one eye would be healed, so he...
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    Things that annoy you...

    Liars. Deceivers. Unfaithful people.
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    Deleting songs not working?

    Yup.,he's right.
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    Deleting songs not working?

    I think you have to synch it with your iTunes to do so. That's what I do.
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    What EarPhones should I buy???

    How about beats?