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    Create old OS boot disk

    Ok, so after I upgraded to Catalina, a handful of apps I use from time-to-time no longer function. I knew that would happen. It's fine. As a workaround, I thought I would use an old external drive and install Mojave or High Sierra, and then if I need one of those apps I can boot the Mac using...
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    Time Activity Tracker

    Well, since the developer's email address doesn't work, I don't think they'll be getting back to me. Any idea which of these files might actually have the data saved in it?
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    Time Activity Tracker

    Hi all. New poster here, with no technical background. I may need to be handled with kid gloves. Mac mini 2012, upgraded to Catalina from Mojave this morning. Back in 2016, I purchased an app called "Work Time Monitor." It's basically just a set of timers I use to keep track of hours billed...