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    Disabling Daily Upgrade Reminder

    I reluctantly gave up my Adobe apps when I upgraded my MBP to Catalina, but Catalina had a bunch of features I really wanted, and besides, I can still run Photoshop CS5 on my iMac. I've said it before a thousand times: I'm never going to rent software from anyone! One day, I'll have to leave...
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    Disabling Daily Upgrade Reminder

    I stumbled across this link from Other World Computing that may help you more than anything I posted before. Give it a look and see. 54622-how-to-downgrade-from-macos-catalina-to-mojave-or-earlier I'm a huge fan of OWC and have been a very satisfied customer of theirs for more than 20 years...
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    Reverting to Mojave

    54622-how-to-downgrade-from-macos-catalina-to-mojave-or-earlier This article from Other World Computing should be a big help.
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    Disabling Daily Upgrade Reminder

    The only way I know of doing what you want is to reformat your startup drive, provided of course, you have a very, very recent backup or clone, preferably the latter. I use CarbonCopyClone about once a week, or more often when I'm doing a lot of writing or lecture preparation. CCC allows you to...
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    Disabling Daily Upgrade Reminder

    I like Catalina a lot, and I'm still learning some of its new features. But I only have Catalina on my 2012 i7 MacBook Pro. (A word or several about my MBP: I love this laptop almost like a child. It was the last user-upgradeable laptop, and I got the one with the super-fast i7 processor, which...
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    Disabling Daily Upgrade Reminder

    I'm stubbornly clinging to my mid-2010 iMac (iMac 11,2), mainly due to budgetary limits. Nevertheless, I really wanted the ability to run Mojave on this machine, which is unsupported. I installed the "DOS guy" patches and all, and it runs macOS Mojave 10.14.5 like a sewing machine, and all...
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    SOLVED Sending Files to Android User via Messages

    Wow. Brilliant in its simplicity! I'll give this a shot. And thank you so very much!
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    SOLVED Sending Files to Android User via Messages

    I extracted the sound from a video I was in. This mp3 file isn't in my iTunes library, just out on my desktop awaiting a "destination." The video is in my iTunes video library, though. I do regular backups of my iPhone to both my MBP and iCloud. I have Messages on my iMac and MBP, but there...
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    SOLVED Sending Files to Android User via Messages

    I'm still getting acquainted with everything I can do with my iPhone. I simply love my XR. (And yes, I keep iOS updated and am looking forward to iOS 13 later this week.) I want to send an audio file (mp4) to a friend who has an Android phone, and in Messages, I can see various options for...
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    SOLVED 2012 MacBook Pro upgrade advise

    In my identical MBP, I installed a 500 GB 6G Pro SSD from Other World Computing for about $100. 5 Year Warranty. The thing runs like a scared rabbit, and boots up cold in 15-20 seconds. I bought 16 GB of RAM from them, too. Never a complaint. I can't understand why more people don't seem to...
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    Dumb Question About The Trash

    Here's something I've been wondering about for some time. I keep an eye on how much free space I have on my internal drive, an SSD, with the goal of keeping a lot of the space free. Over the last few months, I've gotten rather slack about emptying my Trash, and today I saw that there were...
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    iPhone slows down on 4G vs Wifi

    I gave my iPhone 6 to my Mom when I bought a new XR earlier this year. It was her first smartphone, and now she's in love with it, and every time I go for a visit, she has lots of questions, and loves to show off her new-found skills that she's picked up on her own. But her battery is now...
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    Mojave on an Unsupported 2010 iMac

    Thanks for the reply. I'm not a coding-type of guy, so I certainly can't read it. But I'm pretty sure that DosDude probably wrote new firmware, or at least did something to the existing firmware. There are numerous things he had to "patch" in order to get Mojave to run on unsupported machines...
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    F4 on iMac and F4 on MacBook

    On my 2012 iMac, F4 used to bring up my Dashboard. But that was when I was running High Sierra. When I did a backdoor upgrade to Mojave, it doesn't do anything. On my 2012 MacBook Pro, F4 brings up the Launchpad. However, you can use the Keyboard Pane in System Preferences and choose the...